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Safe, Comfortable &

Ride Private Car is a reliable concierge transfer service or hourly chauffeur offering you a dedicated driver.

Some benefits:

  • The closest thing to having your own personal driver that you can trust.

  • Knowing the driver and vehicle that will meet you

  • Pay less than a traditional car service while still receiving quality service

  • Avoid cancelled or no-show ride-shares, specially time sensitive or early morning red-eyes.

  • Trust that you and your family member will be met at the airport by a reliable, courteous and helpful driver.

  • Take the stress out of any ride whether airport, a night out or commuting.

Business Travel

Airport Transfers

Whether flying commercial or by private jet, we will always anticipate your arrival with flight tracking technology.

Designated meeting areas are arranged specifically for each airport, or we can arrange a greeting service to escort you from baggage claim to your vehicle. 

Building Relationships

Based on Trust & Service

Moises,  Managing Principal

I have worked in customer service for over 15 years. My primary approach has always been to make meaningful connections and to learn from every experience for my personal growth. 
I have been very fortunate to have many opportunities in my career, from luxury retail management and banking/investments/insurance to my previous one being part of the founding team for a great startup in NYC in the food & beverage industry. This varied mix of places has allowed me to see things from many perspectives, meet great people, and learn from great mentors. But above all service has always been the link for everything. 
With Private Car, I was presented the opportunity to establish a car service company like no other because of my diverse background. In the current price-competitive market of ride-sharing apps and expensive traditional car service companies, Private Car is uniquely positioned to offer a happy medium by offering great quality transportation at competitive prices. We are the go-to car service for unique situations where a chauffeur is more ideal. Someone you can trust. 
Clients are craving the reliability of car service companies but not necessarily the price point. There are also many variables in ride-share companies such as types of cars (new/old, clean/dirty), driver professionalism, last minute pick-up cancellations & not being able to get a car at certain times of day, to name a few. 
My goal is that clients who use Private Car will enjoy not only the professionalism, the reliability, safety and comfort, but that their experience will be one to remember for all their travel needs. And above all, that they will feel comfortable referring their friends and family because they truly liked our service.

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